The Seasons of Appalachian State University

Summer, Fall and Winter were the three seasons I experienced during my time studying at Appalachian State University. Summer was stunning, Fall took longer than expected to arrive and winter came way too early for me. If nothing else, the snow made me very thankful for my upcoming (very long) flight home. For this post I thought I would share three pictures from across campus for each of the three seasons.


Blue skies, green grass, beautiful views and firefly’s are my memories of summer.


Fall was a few weeks late but it was worth the wait. It was a shame that it did not hang around for very long, the colours were amazing.


An unusual snow fall in the last week of my stay in December made for a stunning winter wonderland. I never wanted to stay for the winter but I am grateful that I was able to experience it for just a week.


Although I was not in Boone for spring, after seeing all the photos my friends are posting I am going to have to go back one day and see it for myself.

Stay tuned!

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