The Adventures of Beni from Bendigo: Appalachian State University

Beni from Bendigo, an Australian koala, was a faithful companion on my semester study abroad at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.

Wherever I went Beni came along. Our adventures encompassed riding out Hurricane Florence from the safety of our dorm room, watching the seasons change to the beautiful colours of Fall, celebrating Halloween at Dollywood’s Great Pumpkin Luminights and playing in a winter wonderland, a first for Beni.

As they say “One picture is worth 1000 words” so here is a pictorial of Beni’s adventures:

Author: Melanie Birch-Inwood

The question is not 'where have I been' but 'where haven't I been'. I can guarantee if I haven't been, it's on the list! I am an Aussie who loves to travel and I have currently been to 64 countries over 6 continents with no plans on slowing down anytime soon. I have even undertaken 2 study abroad experiences, a semester in North Carolina at Appalachian State University and two weeks in Tokyo at Seisen University. Also cruised 24 times, so far. Join me as I share my experiences, tips and reviews of all things travel and foreign.

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