One and Only Weekend in Greensboro.

After several weeks living on campus in Boone it was time to get out of town. My friend, Kristina and I were ready to explore. When searching for where to go, it came down to what there was to do and a shopping mall.

I had known about Shinedown and Godsmack touring for a while and they were playing in Greensboro, so it seems like the perfect destination. Thankfully there was a bus that travelled from Boone to Greensboro making it easier for us car-less folk.

Also in our search it was important to find a shopping mall, Boone is great but really lacks options when it comes to shops. We found that the Four Seasons Town Centre was close to the concert venue and had the stores we wanted to visit.

I dragged Kristina to the concert in return for time spent shopping. We spent several hours in the mall before it was time to head out for the music.

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First support band was Asking Alexandria but we only made it for the last portion of their set. We had spent too much time shopping…

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Next up was Shinedown!

Shinedown were amazing and I would love to see them headline a show.

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Having only my iPhone 7, I think the photos and video turned out pretty good.

Godsmack were the headliners and after all these years they still know how to perform.

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Overall the show was a fun night but then it was time to head back to the hotel. It was not the greatest as there was dried blood on the bathroom wall… The rest of the room was refurbished but it was obvious the face lift was a feeble attempt to hide the dirtiness underneath.

Sunday morning before we left there was time to explore downtown. With no crowds it was nice to take in the architecture and history of the area. Lunch at a brewery was a welcome way to pass the time followed by dessert at Cheesecakes by Alex. The slices are small but trust me, they are so good it is enough! A quick browse through some local shops and it was time to head back to the bus station.

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Leaving Boone for the weekend made us both very thankful we could return once the weekend was over. Needless to say that will be our one and only visit to Greensboro, there is nothing for us to go back for.

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