The Big 5 of the Masai Mara, Kenya

In 2004 I embarked on a group tour of Kenya and Tanzania with, the now defunct, Kumuka Tours. I had just left the UK where I had been living and working for 18 months, as many Aussies do in their 20’s.

Africa seemed so close to the UK compared to Australia so it seemed reasonable to pop down there for a tour on the way home. I had always dreamed of visiting the Masai Mara in Kenya after watching many episodes of the Big Cat Diary. I felt the Wildebeest migration is the time when all animals are their most active and the perfect time to go on safari. The Big 5 game animals are what all tourists want to see when they are on safari and I was no different. It was the trip of a lifetime.

Fair warning that the quality of these pictures is poor. Remember they were taken in 2004 using a small hand held digital camera that back then only had 3x optical zoom and bugger all megapixels!

The Big 5 are:








(not actual buffalo, these are Wildebeest but that is what I went for)

Imgp0001 (2)



Although these 5 are the main animals that people want to see, there are many other animals worth checking out:


Rotation of IMGP0433
Oh how young I was…







and the Topi, a subspecies of Antelope.


Visiting the Masai Mara was always a dream of mine and I am thankful that I went when I did. The trip was not all fun and games as you will learn in a future blog post but for now I will share the happy memories of witnessing all these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

If I learned anything while I was there, it was that I will go back again. One day.


      1. pminns93

        If you want a safari then try Amboseli or Tsavo east or west as they are just as good as the Mara but cheaper and less tourist. If you want to chill out then head to Diani,kilifi or malindi which is on the Kenyan coast.

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