App State Summit Hall: My New Home

When I decided to spend a semester studying abroad I knew I would live on campus and share a room with one other person. As a mature age student the prospect of sharing a room was not enticing but it is all part of the college experience so I just need to roll with it.

I could not choose in which residence hall I wanted to live in. I really wanted to live in Appalachian Heights as the rooms are apartment style, instead I was assigned to Summit Residence Hall located next to the student union in the middle of campus. Now that I am here I am thankful for the convenience of the location. Everything is easily accessible. If you are wondering, the cost of my luxurious accommodations is $2600 u.s.d per semester.

Let me take you on a photographic tour of my new home:

The exterior of Summit Hall.

Summit Hall is the newest residence building on campus and it shows. It is the most centrally located residence on campus.

asu map
Very centrally located.

There are lounge areas in the lobby that helps when you are waiting for the elevator.

After summer all new residents move in to an empty room. My room was 717 with a great view over Sandford Mall, the main common area for the uni.

The bathroom is shared between 2 rooms, so 4 people using the one bathroom. The layout is odd and they really could have split the bathroom in two so each room had their own. The doors between the bathroom and bedrooms do not lock either.

Each floor has a central lounge area and a quiet corner study area. However there is not TV or entertainment source in the lounge.

Each residence will offer at least one kitchen, laundry and lounge. Below are ours:

It didn’t take me long to make myself at home. It felt too much like a hostel dorm or hospital room without decorating it. Good thing I have many travel photos to choose from to adorn my walls. Lofting the bed allows a seating area underneath, essential to have really. I have even seen 2 seater sofas moved in to some dorms.

Representing La Trobe is my stowaway, Beni from Bendigo.

I was really lucky with my room mate, Jess. We get along really well. Jess is studying education and is from North Carolina.

My room mate, Jess.

It is great that I am paired with a local student rather than another international student, after all I am here to integrate into the American lifestyle for the next few months.

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