No Dreaming on the Dreamliner

Traveling long distance on an airplane is not fun, especially if you are in the cheap seats at the back.

For us Aussies to land in the Northern Hemisphere it can take over 24 hours and multiple connections. This is why you wont see many of us on holiday in Europe for two weeks, to make the flight worth it we like to stay at least 4 weeks.

One would hope with the new Dreamliner aircraft that the ride would become more comfortable. It does do an extent but economy is still economy.

Economy is a 3-3-3 configuration.

If you like to stand up and move about during the flight, opt for an aisle seat. There is not enough room to climb over the sleeping passenger next you.

A tiny bit more leg room.

Qantas have included a Foot Net under the seat for you to put your feet up during the flight. I tried it and I feel placing my feet on my backpack under the seat offered a better result. If you book an aisle seat in the middle section down the back of the plane you may be lucky enough, like I was, to have no other passengers next to you and have the whole row to spread out. I have to give credit for the pillows and blanket. The pillows are substantial and do not disappear when you rest on it. The blankets are large and offer good coverage.

A nice big screen to watch the latest movies.

Watching movies on the big screen was great, except when the seat in front reclines all the way. Then it feels like you sat one row too close in the movie cinema setting off the chain reaction of all seats reclining, like dominoes falling.

Two small mesh pockets are now located on the seat pocket perfect for your bottle of water or small items.

Plenty of food and drinks available in the economy cabin.

The only way you will go hungry is if you choose not to eat the food, and this is a possibility. The two meals I was served seemed like something patients in a hospital would eat. Kind of mushy and you do not really know what is in there. Check your booking online as you may be able to pre-order your main meal. I did this as sitting in the back there is the possibility they will run out before you get a choice. When hunger pains strike between meals, you can help your self at snack stations in the rear of the plane. Do not be shy, not many people know about them so they are well stocked.

The complimentary amenity kit for economy passengers.

I recommend taking your own eye mask. The elastic is so tight it would make a wonderful sling shot. It was nice to be able to brush my teeth, it was one item that did not make the cut of my carry on allowance.

Be awoken by a simulated sunrise.

At the end of your long nap, if you are lucky enough to sleep, the lights will gently wake you by simulated sunrise. Chances are you have had broken sleep and are just about to nod off again when the sun comes up.

Maybe it is because I have sampled the good life before or maybe it is just because I am getting older, but I feel like my relationship with economy has come to an end.

Economy, you have served me well during my young travelling years and now it is time to continue the rest of my travelling years in style.

Having said that, I do hope my upgrade request for my flight home is granted!

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