Hotel’s Unfortunate Design Flaw

Would you stay in a room with this view?

I often travel with family and although we are close, I have my limits.

When I travel to Melbourne I love to stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It’s located right on the Yarra River just across from the Crown Entertainment Complex and the River View Rooms offer spectacular views down the Yarra.

Nighttime view from a River View Room.

Everything was perfect, until the hotel decided to refurbish the rooms. Normally I am excited for refurbishments, old tired hotels need to spend the money to be relevant in a competitive market. However, one design flaw is a major fail for the Crowne Plaza causing many complaints and the loss of repeat guests.

How close are you to your family? This close?

The new bathroom doors are, interesting. Maybe a great idea for a show home but not a hotel. The frosted glass does not offer much privacy or stop the light from waking everyone up in the room during the night, though it would make for a great game of shadow puppets.


The gaps between the door and walls remind me of public bathrooms in the USA, I can see people on the bed while I sit on the throne.

Cross ventilation between the bathroom and bedroom.

The gaps above and below the doors do not help to contain the sights and sounds of bathroom routines, imagine a night after a curry?!

Front row seat to a 4D experience.

The last issue is that it the door is right next to one of the two beds, I feel for the poor bugger who has a front row seat to a 4D show they do not want to experience.

On the plus side, thanks to our complaint and numerous others, management has decided to investigate the design flaw. How it passed the initial design stage I will never know (was there not a focus group?!). I do know that when they email to say ‘there is now a solid door to the bathroom’, I will be back.

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